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The Best Places to Visit in Gilbert, Arizona’s Agritopia Commercial Neighborhood

About Agritopia Commercial Neighborhood In Gilbert, Arizona

Agritopia is a 166-acre mixed-use planned community in Gilbert, Arizona designed to promote agrarianism while also instilling a sense of community among people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. It is an agrihood that includes housing plots, a certified organic farm, and commercial spaces. Homes ranging in size from 1300 to 7,000 square feet are built next to each other, with some having full basements (extremely rare in Arizona). Narrow streets and front porches with low back fences encourage neighborly socialization and are reminiscent of the 1950s midwest. The “farm” atmosphere pervades Agritopia.

Joe Johnston built the neighborhood in the 2000s on the site of his historic family farm. It consists of 452 lots on which the developer constructed single-family homes, cottages, and bungalows in neo traditional architectural styles popular in early twentieth-century America. The community also includes a working urban farm, a community garden, a private Christian school with 470 students, a community center, a retirement home, and four restaurants. The developers enacted neighborhood covenants that encouraged home-based and agricultural businesses, as well as pedestrian transit while discouraging rental housing.

Things To Do In Agritopia Commercial

Welcome to Agritopia, an award-winning planned community in Gilbert, Arizona! This vibrant neighborhood is built around a working farm and features a variety of shops, restaurants, and parks. Whether you’re looking for a place to grab a bite or just want to take a stroll, there’s something for everyone in Agritopia. Here’s a short list of our favorites:

At Joe’s Farm Grill, they specialize in common foods done exceptionally well. They seek out the highest QUALITY ingredients, sourcing them locally whenever possible. They harvest fruit, vegetables, and herbs from The Farm at Agritopia before reaching out to local farmers in other parts of Arizona. Not everything can be completely local, but they do their best. For their burgers, they use local, all-natural beef and trans-fat-free oils for frying, dressings, and marinades.

  • 12 West Brewing Co.. 3000 East Ray Road Barnone, building 6, suite 110, Gilbert, AZ 85296, United States

Bryan McCormick and Noel Garcia, co-founders, were introduced by mutual friends in March 2016. They made it official in April and began brewing on a one-barrel system right away.

Noel called Joe Johnston after hearing about the Barnone project at Agritopia to see if there were any spots left. Thankfully, there was, and it was finalized three days later! While Barnone was being built, Noel & Bryan upgraded to a 10-barrel system at their production facility and began brewing beers for their November 2016 grand opening.

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